Suggest a show!

We’re always on the lookout for new, which is to say old, animation that would be fun to review. If you want to hear us talking about one of your favorite old shows, feel free to make a suggestion, along with a reason on why you think it was special, or at least interesting.


  1. I would really enjoy listening to you two talking about any of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Especially Space Ghost or the Herculoids

    • I’m hoping Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law scratched that particular itch for you!

  2. If u want to go back and do old stuff (around King arthur and the Knights of justice) Id suggest The Hurricanes (soccer themed cartoon). Or how about Pro Stars.

  3. If you need ideas for a spitecast then Zelda the animated series would be great. When I watched it in college it felt like my brain was melting.

    • That’s an awesome suggestion! Though we may have to go for Kirby – Right Back at Ya! instead…

  4. If you want more phantom there is Phantom 2040. Also, you guys should check out sherlock holmes in the 22nd century. Tangentally, I just listened to the second annual cartonies and laughed my ass off thanks for that guys!

  5. I just found your podcast and I think you guys would love Clone High. It’s a series about cloned historical figures in high school. It has a similar comedy style to Dexter’s Lab but for a teenage audience with lots of historical sight gags. For example the clone of Jesus Christ (yes they seriously did that) accidentally shots a nail through his hand while in shop class. You can find the whole series on youtube and it’s only 13 episodes and was criminally cancelled afterwards. Here’s the first episodes URL.

    • Oh don’t you worry, we’re well aware of clone high. I love the episode where it’s essentially a PSA for sleep deprivation. But it’s good to know someone wants us to check it out – we’ll put it on the roster! -B

  6. You guys should do a Tom and Jerry episode. They don’t talk but there are some episodes that have a lot of meaning and some that are just extra fun. I think that if you guys could maybe find a list of like the best 10-20 episodes, I think it could make for good conversation.

    • Great suggestion, Aliyah! Man, T&J is some high profile cast. But definitely an important touchstone in the rise and fall of Hannah Barbara – I’ll put it on the roster. Any comments about it you want to say ahead of time?

    • Both great suggestions – though I tend to watch Aladdin every couple of years, so Beauty and the Beast is definitely more likely.

    • Oh hell yeah, that sounds like a really fun one for when we have another super old one lined up. Thanks for the tip!

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