98 – Batman: The Animated Series

It was Ben and Zane’s hardest case yet, a real Riddler of a mystery. They would need some help from the local photographer, Devan, to get to the bottom of it. And it paid off – she had taken a treasure trove of pictures and video, exhaustively researching the very same case. She found that there was one common factor behind the string of disappearances of villains in the city: massive amounts of guano left behind at the scene. But what could be doing this? Who would drain the blood of dozens of hard-working megalomaniacal job-creators, yet be smart enough to evade capture. But in a vast city of people throatily declaring “I am Batman,” where could they find the elusive Man-Bat?

Devan’s website
Justice League: Divided We Fall
Ben hates Booster Gold
Rafiki punch
Gotham TV show
Holy Musical B@tman
Alfred beats up Superman
I don’t see a difference
Batman slaps Robin
The eyes, are the windows, of your face
SMBC Dead Robins


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