96 – Sonic the Hedgehog

Finding themselves under immediate threat of roboticization, Ben and Zane enlisted the help of Joshua to navigate the post-apocalyptic hellscape their humble village had become. Despite the victorious battles that soon followed, nothing ever seemed to get better. They made up slang and listened to the ancient music to entertain themselves, all the while planning how to defeat their eternal enemy: the French.

The MSTiecast, Joshua’s Podcast
Lex Luthor is evil because he is bald
Paul Abeyta interview
Sonic’s true legacy is in the memes
The Real Urkel
Smooth Criminal/GC startup mix
Sonic Comics are a deep wellspring of lore. Really weird lore.
Blythe Dolls
If Zane can’t get on Survivor, maybe he can get on the Survivor podcast
MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
Wish Kid


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