95 – Bootlegg’d – Bee Movie

The bizarrely-memetic Bee Movie was an odd spike in the twilight of Jerry Seinfeld’s career, and one he oddly but in a lot of effort to make happen. What is it that’s so memeworthy? Why did Jerry Seinfeld do it? Do the tenets of Bee Law inherently favor yellowjackets or bumblebees? These questions, and many, many more are asked in this Bootlegg’d segment.

Comedians in cars drinking coffee
Bee Movie’s memetic status
Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident
Starship online musical
Makkhi movie
Bears in Russia addicted to jet fuel
Ray Liotta in Bee Movie because Seinfeld thought he was the last person who should be animated
Bird lawyer from Futurama
How many bees does it take to carry a plane?
The other type of B movie
American Beauty gay neighbors


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