92 – Spice and Wolf

It was finally time for Ben and Zane to get new anime body pillows to snuggle up with, so it became necessary to brave the greatest fantasy adventure setting: the marketplace. The merchants were formal and entertaining, but their bartering system was too complicated and the church kept showing up to accuse the Cartoncasters of various sins and abominations. Buying things was easier back when you just had to make a sacrifice to the wolf god.

Somebody thought of ‘my waifu’ first and it’s pretty funny
Mon-El, superboy’s brother, sells brushes
“Kraft Services”
J. Michael Tatum on Isaac Dian
Three Toddlers in a Trenchcoat
Eyeshield 21
Jeopardy Before and After is a sporcle category
Maniac Magee
Dogecoin: not a joke?


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