89 – ReBoot

The Cartoncast was updating their servers, and everything was going smoothly until Ben and Zane found a virus hiding in the code. They tried to get in there with some forceps, but he was pretty wily. Finally, they sent in a Guardian, programmed to mend and defend, to defend its friends, to befriend to the end, and to end the virus. It did the job just fine, but it kept showing up when they played games, hacking the variables, radicalizing the AI, degenerating the graphics, until they couldn’t even win at Pong. They banished the guardian back to the Net, confident it would never come back…

He, she, me Wumbo
Microsoft Bob
Aeon’s End
A Cinematic Thrillride
Polygon or Brain Monkey?
Berserk 2016 Problems
1337speak translator
ReBoot/Thriller/Evil Dead Crossover
Mike the TV is a Scourge on Humanity


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