88 – Animaniacs

Well, it finally happened. The grain silo around which The Cartoncast headquarters was built finally burst open, releasing three ancient beasts (I’m gonna go with dogs?) into the world. These malicious beings of anarchy, chaos incarnate, ran amok in the headquarters, confounding the mild-mannered employees to the point of insanity. Only with the help of some good-natured lab rats and a chipper young possum could Ben and Zane seal them in their prison tomb to sleep another thousand years. Or until it got renewed, whichever came first.

The Late Show – God
Tom Lehrer’s ‘The Elements’
Ani – Star Wars Parody
Burt Reynolds on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy
John Belushi’s Tombstone?
Crude Humor in Animaniacs
Wakko’s Wish
If Dragons Existed They’d Probably Have These Genitals
Kill the Wabbit
Quantum and Woody
Talkin Toons Podcast


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