8 – Samurai Jack

Long ago, in a distant land, a foolish Samurai warrior was banished to the future, wherein he encountered Ben and Zane and told them his story. During a journey through various environments with accompanying travel music, the samurai told them of the ancient evil Aku. He was somewhat perterbed when Ben and Zane both agreed that Aku sounded pretty great.



  1. The image of Aku sitting on a lazy boy in sweatpants eating a turkey club made my day

  2. 1) I listened to this one on my way home from Oneonta today, and the whole time I was like, “I can’t wait to get home so I can watch Samurai Jack.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.
    2) I want Aku sweatpants and all of the Aku merch.
    3) I’m pretty sure you meant Pac Sun.

    • 1) You are definitely our target audience.
      2) You’ll have to beat me to the store for it, as I will buy everything they have.
      3) We hardly edit this shit at all.

  3. I think episode 22, “Jack and the Hunters,” is a good example of how the show deviates from the predictable, formulaic structure of many cartoons. I mean it definitely has its standard “Aku sends [villain of week] to defeat Jack, Jack instead defeats [villain of week]” episodes, but in this one Aku enlists this group of lion/ape/humanoid hunters who are supposed to be the greatest hunters in the universe to hunt and capture Jack for him, and they actually defeat him, and Aku is like, “Awesome job, guys, have allllll the riches!!!” and they actually refuse to hand him over to Aku because he had given them the greatest hunt of their lives and earned his freedom. I thought it was interesting to see the hero lose, and then survive based solely on the nobility of his adversaries.

    Also, in episode 26 “Jack’s Sandals,” there’s a flashback to his mom teaching him how to weave straw hats.

    • It was certainly notable in that Jack was defeated – a pretty rare occurrence – but I actually think Jack frequently finds people willing to oppose Aku, on the caveat that they’re not the first one to do so. What I like about the hunters is that they oppose Aku not because he messed with their lives, but just because ‘that aint how space hunter role’. Nice to see someone besides Jack fighting for their own ideals, not just fighting for Jack or not fighting at all. Gives a nice little texture to the world that isn’t just a manifestation or facet of “Jack vs. Aku”.

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