101 – Bootlegg’d – 5 Centimeters per Second

You will often hear Ben and Zane relentlessly make fun of shows we don’t like, or get excited and rave about shows we do like, but we’re starting a new hundred episodes with an oddity: relentlessly making fun of a movie we genuinely enjoyed, and which less cynical people find emotionally resonant. It’s beautiful, it’s meaningful, it’s short, and it’s just so, so full of its own message. Enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Your Name
Cherry Blossom Symbolism
Jojo’s Bizarre Bubble Man
Die Hard’s trailer doesn’t think you would understand Die Hard on your own
Tokyo’s ‘Legendary’ Train System
Naruto Art Discussion
Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon
Zane’s First Manga
The Scientist
Nabiki 1/2


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