100 – Jackie Chan Adventures

No beating around the bush on this one – we both adore this show. Jackie Chan is a knockoff Indiana Jones that gets inducted into the MIB to hunt the 7 magical crystals and make the world safe from a dragon demon statue that summons shadow ninjas. Ease off the throttle JCA – you had us at Hak Foo. Enjoy as we rightly praise a show that captured our hearts unlike any other.

Wild Wild West
Celebrity Impersonators
Etsy JCA Talismans
Jackie Chan as an East and West entertainer
The Simpsons – Mr. Sparkle
Friends – Joey’s male lipstick commercial
No Valmont/Malfoy conspiracy, but here’s JCA/HP fanfiction
Everyone hates Short Round but no one knows why
Channel Frederator’s 107 Facts about Jackie Chan Adventures
Hak Foo
Four Letter Word
Wheatus – Chan’s the Man
Wheatus – Punk Ass Bitch (most of the comments are about JCA)
7 Days in Hell


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