Unshell’d – My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic

Hello friends, eggberts, equines of all races! Today we let Zane get over his absolutely dreadful voice. Ben, hero of Equestria, talks to one Ginger Liz (Ginny) about the mane craze sweeping the nation, enrapturing the hearts of 8 year-old girls and grown-ass men alike. Tune in to learn what Ginny and Ben think about magic, friendship, and the conflation thereof.

For those whom into the cos-business of cos-play, check out Ginger Liz’s facebook page for more!
Ginger Liz’s Cosplay

(Note: This file is corrupt for some reason. It should still download fine via itunes, but for some reason is having trouble playing in browser. We will attempt to fix it eventually.)


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